TED@UPS Video Intro: Katie Francfort

Could mosquitos be the ultimate last-mile delivery system, carrying a vaccine instead of a disease? Katie Francfort argues that this deadly insect could be the next evolution of drones.

I’m on the healthcare strategy team at UPS.

I really enjoy fitness, especially barre and kickboxing, which is slightly offset by my love for trying new restaurants.

I like being outside and anywhere where there’s live music.

Watch Katie talk about her TED@UPS experience.

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I hope to broaden your horizons and inspire you to look at the problems you face from a different angle.

In my talk, I will propose a new way of thinking. I hope to broaden your horizons and inspire you to look at the problems you face from a different angle.

I’ll be speaking about a major healthcare problem we all face today – vaccine delivery to remote areas.

I hope my talk will bring awareness to a big area in healthcare and I hope it will spark an idea in you.

Whether it’s to solve the problem that I’m talking about or another problem, I hope it is the catalyst for something bigger.

And if you do invent something new as a result of my talk, I better get a shout out!

Katie Francfort, Specialty Pharmaceuticals Marketing Manager, Logistics Professional

Katie Francfort - Ted PhotoKatie Francfort has spent three years with UPS executing retail and healthcare strategy.

In her role as a specialty pharmaceuticals marketing manager, she works with pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and donate products for humanitarian aid.

A recent trip to South America caused her to rethink a problem in dire need of a solution: how to supply temperature-sensitive vaccines to the world’s most remote locations.

Katie holds an MBA with concentrations in decision analysis, operations strategy and marketing from Emory University in Atlanta.

She earned her BA in business management and economics from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

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