TED@UPS Sizzle Reels

Sizzle reels for six TED@UPS speakers

In a few weeks, we will be releasing the final videos from the TED@UPS event on Sept. 15, 2016. Stay tuned to watch all 12 UPSers take the stage to explore the possibilities behind the question, “What if?”

You’ll be sure to question your perspective on many things, including how mosquitoes could be used to deliver vaccines or how we can learn life lessons from soap operas.

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TED@UPS Collage

Our Speakers:

Kate-Adams-TED-shotKate Adams
Managing Editor – UPS.com
Digital storyteller

Kate Adams, who worked on soaps for eight years, maps the ways that daytime dramas are an unlikely (but compelling) oracle to help us overcome our own everyday dramas.

Read more about Kate.

StephanieBracciniSlade-2525 square

Stephanie Braccini

Curator of mammals, Atlanta Zoo

Animal behavior researcher

Stephanie Braccini has dedicated her career to truly understanding what makes animals happy. In this talk, she shares how to build a hearth for creatures so far from their home.

Jan Denecker (UPS) Copyright Yorick Jansens

Jan Denecker
Director, Healthcare Marketing and Strategy
Healthcare strategist

What lessons does the developing world hold about building healthcare that is simpler and longer-lasting?

Read more about Jan.

Katie Francfort - Ted Photo

Katie Francfort
Specialty Pharmaceuticals Marketing Manager
Logistics professional

Could mosquitoes be the ultimate last-mile delivery system? Katie Francfort argues that this troublesome insect could be the next evolution of drones.

Read more about Katie.

Monica Johnson - TED Headshot

Monica Johnson
Escheatment/Unclaimed Property Management
Unclaimed funds manager

A tax manager examines abandonment and asks, “Why don’t people want to claim funds, other people and parts of themselves?”

Read more about Monica.

WannisKabbajWanis Kabbaj
Director, Global Strategy, Healthcare Logistics
Transportation geek

What lessons can we learn from the blood in our veins to make transportation more efficient and sustainable?

Read more about Wanis.


Amelia Laytham
Marketing Manager
Indonesian dancer

A teenage immigrant just wants to fit in. Amelia Laytham was no exception, especially when her family moved from Indonesia to Pennsylvania. In this talk and performance, we discover how she reclaimed her shunned identity through dance.
Read more about Amelia.

Mario Paluzzi

Mario Paluzzi
Senior Manager, Integration and Automation
Last-mile maven

How could addressing the unaddressable help developing countries leapfrog developed nations into the most effective logistics system yet?

Read more about Mario.

Agustín Picado UPS1-2

Augie Picado
Country Manager, UPS Mexico
Border specialist

Augie explores the impact of walls, and imagines the new realities that people and products would face on both sides of a separated border.

Read more about Augie.

Jenna Schilstra

Jenna Schilstra
Analyst, Customer Technology Marketing
Emoji defender

It’s time to stop dissing emojis and consider: what does the next evolution of cryptography have to offer?

Read more about Jenna.


Romaine Seguin
President, UPS Americas Region
International trade expert

Of all the strategies to fight poverty, discrimination, and even terrorism, Romaine Seguin argues that international trade is the most impactful.

Read more about Romaine.

Mallory Soldner

Mallory Soldner
Advanced Analytics Manager
Data activist

Corporations often give money, logistical support and even their own people to solve some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian problems. But what if big companies were willing to share their other most precious resource: data?

Read more about Mallory

John Bidden

John Bidden
Package Car Driver

John Bidden believes that music is a tool for the soul. That it can either “fix, build, calm, break, or change you for a moment.” He wields the instrument to inspire others.

Read more about John.

KarlaHarris_hirez_090-1 square

Karla Harris

Jazz Vocalist

Karla Harris’ vocal style surges from vulnerable to powerful and back again, integrating both a warmth and vigor into the jazz, pop and soul music that she weaves between.




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