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Welcome to Sustainability Week on Longitudes.

Yes, the climate is changing. Greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise.

And cities are becoming more crowded every day, among a litany of other urgent global issues.

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Consumers, businesses and governments are putting their minds together to change our increasingly connected world.

But this is also a moment of tremendous opportunity.

Consumers, businesses and governments are putting their minds together to change how we power our increasingly connected world.

This series will share examples of sustainability in action and the collaborative solutions companies, cities and communities are working on to address those challenges.

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And we have a great line up for this week:

In today’s blog, Line//Shape//Space poses a central question businesses must confront: If being a good corporate citizen is voluntary, and presumably costly, why would any corporation go that route?

That answer? It’s good for business.

Just look at the results at major companies such as Google, Xerox and Target.

On Tuesday, Tom Bihn, a Seattle-based designer of messenger bags, totes and backpacks, shares his perspective as a retailer who works with suppliers to embed sustainability across the value chain.

As he proves, you don’t have to be big to make sustainability work.

On Wednesday you’ll hear about a collaboration between the City of Hamburg and UPS to develop and pilot an innovative transport solution to improve congestion and air quality issues in the city center.

Hamburg, one of the most-active ports in Europe, was built for waterways.

But the city is transforming to meet the demands of global commerce in the 21st century.

Closing out the week, a Q&A with UPS sales and solutions teams will highlight what’s driving customer demand for more sustainable solutions, such as shifting business priorities, evolving stakeholder expectations and increasing government regulation.

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Jenn Garner is the Sustainability Communications Manager and serves as the editor of UPS’s annual Sustainability Report. She also creates programs that help the company communicate and engage with stakeholders around UPS’s most important sustainability issues.

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